Descartes Labs Raises $20 Million to Accelerate Our Mission and Welcomes Phil Fraher as CFO

There’s never a dull moment over here at Descartes Labs. Between hosting the 2030 Governor’s Energy and Environmental Technology Summit with Governor Lujan Grisham, building our new methane monitoring solution for the Permian Basin, and pushing the limits of high performance computing by making the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers with our cloud system, we’ve raised capital to accelerate our mission to build a digital twin of the planet.

2020 and Beyond

This new infusion of capital will allow Descartes Labs to do some exciting things in the next year. Look for new product releases in 2020 as we continue to apply our technology to use cases around the globe. Today, we’re 110 people. We will continue to grow in the coming year.

  • Processing archived and current satellite imagery of the Middle East and North Africa to detect agricultural fields and help government agencies monitor food security.
  • Helping the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) develop its Geospatial Cloud Analytics program, with potential applications such as detecting illegal fishing and monitoring the construction of fracking sites.

Welcome to Phil Fraher, New CFO

We’re also pleased to announce today that Phil Fraher has joined Descartes Labs as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Phil’s 30 years of experience includes serving as CFO for Zilliant, an AI-powered pricing and sales insights solution, and COO, CFO, and eventually CEO for FuelQuest, a fuel supply chain software company.

Descartes Labs is building a data refinery for geospatial data.

Descartes Labs is building a data refinery for geospatial data.