The same data that anticipates and mitigates price fluctuations can protect and enhance your environmental reputation


Illustrating the power of the Descartes Labs Platform to explore agricultural traceability challenges

Zoomed out view of mill-level carbon scores. Lower scores mean less nearby deforested area and estimated forest carbon loss.

Descartes Labs uses Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to run a 9.95 petaflops High-Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark, placing it #40 in the June 2021 TOP500 ranking. The company improves on its previous AWS-based 2019 TOP500 submission (1.926 petaflops, #136) by 417% in HPL performance and 96 ranking spots in only two years.

Vaccine rollouts and sluggish supply chains still facing pandemic-related restrictions drove increased demand in the first half of 2021 for basic commodities like soybeans, sugar, vegetable oils, meat, and dairy.

Improving trading and procurement performance with geospatial data and machine learning

Sentinel-2 shortwave infrared false color over an area in southeast Nevada
Sentinel-2 false color image of an area near Death Valley National Park, CA.

Enhancing mineral prospecting and tailings safety with massively scalable models of the earth

The combination of global climate models and land cover data can be used to estimate the regional effects of climate change years into the future

Non-snowy summertime imagery at left compared to synthetic snowy imagery over the same location at right.

Generating realistic but synthetic images to test automated change detection algorithms


A three month Sentinel-1 SAR composite over Singapore with lighter colors capturing economic activity on land and at sea. Descartes Labs Economic Activity Signals uses multimodal remotely sensed data to measure changes at thousands of factories, ports, and facilities globally.

How to remotely monitor supply and demand to make better business decisions in times of economic disruption

Descartes Labs opens up our second round of applications for free platform API access to individuals and small research teams

The Donjek Glacier has temporarily dammed the Donjek River multiple times during the last few years. When the dam breaks, water is suddenly released down the valley, which impacts recreation and traditional hunting. At present, Donjek River flows through the terminus of Donjek Glacier and is unlikely to be dammed again, until the next surge event likely to occur in the next 5 years. This image is from work by Will Kochtitzky on understanding glacier change in a warming climate, one of the projects chosen for the first round of Descartes Labs’ Impact Science program.

Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs is building a data refinery for geospatial data.

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